Master - Special Education: Wilson Reading Certificate

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If you'd like to make a difference in the lives of those for whom reading has been a struggle, you might complete a program such as the Wilson Reading SystemŽ Certification Program, which is offered by Saint Joseph University. Read on for information pertaining to this course of study.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Program Is It?

The Wilson Reading System® Certification is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to help students become independent and avid readers. Using multi-sensory, structured language programs to teach reading and spelling successfully, the Wilson Reading System® Certification is intended to help young people in upper-elementary grades who have language disabilities or who simply aren't reading at their grade levels. The online format allows you to submit classroom assignments remotely, via computer. The certification demonstrates that you have acquired the competencies to impart knowledge of concepts such as phonics, language structure, and listening and reading comprehension. By completing additional coursework, you can also earn Saint Joseph University's Master's in Special Education.

What Are the Prerequisites?

If you are an education professional whose career goals have expanded to include teaching individuals who have difficulties with language, spelling, and reading, this program could be for you. Applicants to Saint Joseph University's programs should have earned at least a bachelor's degree; some programs may have additional requirements.

What Are the Course Requirements?

In order to earn the Wilson Reading System® Certification, you'll need to complete ten credits. There are a total of four courses in the program.

Wilson Reading System® Certification Core Courses

Course Code Course Name
SPE 710 Wilson Reading Program: Introduction to Multisensory Structured Language Instruction (1 credit)
SPE 711 Wilson Reading Program: Intensive Instruction for the Non-Responsive Reader (Basic Word Study 1-3) (3 credits)
SPE 712 Wilson Reading Program: Intensive Instruction for the Non-Responsive Reader (Basic Word Study 4-6) (3 credits)
SPE 713 Wilson Reading Program: Clinical Intensive Instruction for the Non-Responsive Reader (Practicum) (3 credits)

What Could I Do After I Graduate?

Career Opportunities

Your teaching credentials along with the Wilson Reading System® Certification could qualify you to pursue some positions in literacy education. For instance, you might apply for the following:

  • Adult Education Literacy Teacher
  • Special Education Literacy Teacher (Upper-Elementary Grades)
  • Private Literacy Tutor
  • School Literacy Specialist (For Students)
  • School Literacy Coach (For Teachers)