Bachelors - Business Studies Operations & Project Management

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Would you like to be in charge of industrial production or materials management? The path towards this career could begin with a degree such as Southern New Hampshire University's Bachelor of Science in Business Studies program. You can choose the Operations and Project Management concentration. To learn more about this program, continue reading.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Program Is It?

The Bachelor of Science in Business Studies in Operations and Project Management program at Southern New Hampshire University blends the study of business principles with the application of project management and operations management theories. It is designed to prepare students to function as operations managers of plants and facilities that produce computer components, automobiles, or other goods. You'll have the opportunity to develop the skills to oversee the manufacturing process and to supervise logistics and quality control procedures. Some other areas of program emphasis include linear programming, network analysis, inventory placement, and the utilization of Six Sigma principles. Classes may be taken online or in a combined online/on-campus format.

What Are the Prerequisites?

Students who would like to manage workers and activities in an industrial or manufacturing setting might do well in this program. You should have the ability to solve problems as well as leadership and interpersonal skills. The program is ideal for students with prior college coursework they seek to transfer. All applicants to Southern New Hampshire University programs must have earned a high school diploma or equivalent.

What Are the Course Requirements?

Your program is comprised of core courses, business core courses, and concentration courses. They are as follows:

Required Bachelor of Science Core Courses

Course Code Course Name
ENG 120 College Composition I
ENG 200 Sophomore Seminar
IT 100 Introduction to Information Technology
COM 212 Public Speaking
SNHU 303 SNHU Experience: Life After SNHU

SNHU 404 | SNHU Experience: General Education Capstone

  • Choose two of the following:

Course Code Course Name
MAT 130 Applied Finite Math
MAT 140 Precalculus
MAT 200 Mathematics for the Humanities
MAT 210 Calculus I
MAT 230 Discrete Mathematics
MAT 240 Applied Statistics

Bachelor of Science Core Knowledge Courses

  • Choose one of the following:

Course Code Course Name
FAS 201 Introduction to Humanities I
FAS 202 Introduction to Humanities II
FAS 223 Appreciation and History of Music
FAS 340 Modern Art
FAS 370 American Art
  • Choose one of the following:

Course Code Course Name
HIS 109 Western Civilization I
HIS 110 Western Civilization II
HIS 113 United States History I
HIS 114 United States History II
  • Choose one 200 level Literature Elective
  • Choose one of the following:

Course Code Course Name
PHL 210 Introduction to Western Philosophy
PHL 212 Introduction to Ethics
PHL 214 Logic, Language and Argumentation
PHL 230 Religions of the World
  • Choose one science elective (not SCI 215)
  • Choose four additional electives (ECO, ATH, SSC, POL, SOC, PSY)

Business Core Courses

Course Code Course Name
ACC 201 Financial Accounting
ACC 202 Managerial Accounting
BUS 206 Business Law I
FIN 320 Principles of Finance
IT 210 Business Systems Analysis and Design
MKT 113 Introduction to Marketing
OL 125 Human Relations in Administration
OL 421 Strategic Management and Policy

Business Studies / Operations and Project Management Concentration Courses

Course Code Course Name
QSO 300 Introduction to Operations Management
QSO 320 Introduction to Management Science through Spreadsheets
QSO 330 Introduction to Supply Chain Management
QSO 340 Introduction to Project Management
QSO 360 Introduction to Six Sigma Quality
QSO 440 Topics in Project Management
  • Choose one of the following:

Course Code Course Name
QSO 310 Introduction to Management of Service Operations
QSO 345 Project Management for CAPM Certification

What Could I Do After Graduation?

Career Opportunities

By becoming a graduate of this program, you might pursue operations and project management opportunities in universities, hospitals, non-profit organizations, manufacturing facilities, and other settings. Following are some possible career choices:

  • Plant Manager
  • Warehouse Manager
  • Logistics Engineer
  • Operations Research Analyst
  • Materials Manager
  • Supply Chain Analyst
  • Production Planner
  • Distribution Analyst

Advanced Degrees

If you'd like to further study areas such as quality management, project planning, and operations research, you could acquire an advanced degree. Some relevant master's degree programs include:

  • Master of Science in Operations Management
  • Master of Science in Operations and Project Management
  • Master of Business Administration with a concentration in:
    • Operations Management