Bachelor in Business Administration: Hospitality & Tourism Management

Strayer University's Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Hospitality and Tourism Management program is designed to provide you with a solid general education foundation as well as knowledge of lodging and travel-centered business operations. Continue reading for more information regarding this program.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Program Is It?

The Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Hospitality and Tourism Management program is intended to develop your leadership, analytical, communication, and strategic decision-making abilities. You will have the chance to gain an overview of financial management and data analysis practices designed to help you understand how to minimize expenditures and increase earnings. The curriculum is also designed to cover such hospitality-focused topics as menu management, supply ordering, operations assessment, and technological trends. This program is offered at select Strayer University campuses and online.

What Are the Prerequisites?

You may have business savvy, great interpersonal skills, and a desire to work in a customer-driven, service-based industry. You may be extremely portable, and you should be comfortable working evenings and weekends. Applicants to Strayer University's programs should have a high school diploma or equivalent; some programs may have additional requirements.

What Are the Course Requirements?

If you enroll in this program, you will be required to complete 180 credits: 27 core business credits, 54 credits of major and concentration area courses, 54 general studies credits, and 45 elective units. With the number of elective credits you can take, you could be able to develop a minor concentration.

Business Administration, Hospitality and Tourism Management Course Requirements

Area 1Core Component
ACC 100 Accounting I
BUS 100 Introduction to Business
BUS 107 Fundamentals of E-Business
CIS 105 Introduction to Information Systems
ENG 115 English Composition
MAT 105 Introduction to College Mathematics

Area 2Major Component
BUS 302 Principles of Management
BUS 309 Business Ethics
ECO 100 Principles of Economics
FIN 100 Principles of Finance
LEG 100 Business Law I
MKT 100 Principles of Marketing

Area 3Concentration Component
BUS 499 Business Administration Capstone
HTM 100 Principles of Hospitality and Tourism Management
HTM 150 Quality Service Assurance
HTM 250 Purchasing and Cost Control
HTM 280 Lodging Operations Management
HTM 310 Food and Beverage Operations Management

Area 4General Studies Component
ENG 215 Research and Writing
ENG 240 Communication for Business and the Professions
HUM 100 Introduction to Art, Music, and Literature
HUM 101 The Origins of Western Culture
HUM 200 Logic
HUM 400 Religion and Philosophy
MAT 300 Statistics
POL 300

ECO 405
Contemporary International Problems
Economic Problems and Issues
PSY 100

PSY 105
The Individual and Society
Introduction to Psychology
SCI 110

SCI 115
Introduction to Physical Science
Introduction to Biology
SOC 100 Introduction to Sociology
SOC 300 Sociology of Developing Countries

Area 5Elective Component

Selected in consultation with an academic advisor

What Could I Do After I Graduate?

Career Opportunities

After earning your Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Hospitality and Tourism Management, you could pursue employment with government tourism and recreation departments, hotels, casinos, cruise lines, travel agencies, airlines, or convention centers. Opportunities could be found in such areas as restaurant services, client relations, marketing, operations, or personnel administration. Furthermore, you could use your business skills to perform market research, inventory control, sales, or quality assurance.

With a bachelor's degree, you could be able to pursue a career as a:

  • Front desk hotel supervisor
  • Food and beverage purchaser
  • Guest services manager
  • Tourism advertising sales professional

Advanced Degrees

Upon completion of your bachelor's degree program, you could decide you'd like to continue your training and enroll in a graduate-level program. By participating in a master's degree program, you could be able to strengthen your business skills while at the same time concentrating in a specific administrative subject or simply developing your managerial abilities. What's more, obtaining a higher-level degree could present you with greater employment options.

For continuing education, Strayer University offers these related master's degree programs:

  • Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • Master of Business Administration with a concentration in International Business
  • Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Management
  • Master of Science in Human Resource Management