Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration

Virginia College's Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program is designed to prepare students to perform business management functions. Keep reading to learn more about the Business Administration program at Virginia College.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Program Is It?

Virginia College's Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program is online and campus-based. You'll have a chance to learn about contemporary business administration, decision-making skills, personnel training and development programs, ethics, quantitative reasoning, finance, accounting, and economics principles, and business technology. This program is designed to teach organizational behavior, the legal environment in business, communications, management skills, and quality assurance and control. You also have the opportunity to learn about management theory and leadership.

What Are the Prerequisites?

Before enrolling in the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program at Virginia College, you should have an interest in the business world and being a leader. Applicants to Virginia College programs should have a high school diploma or GED.

What Are the Course Requirements?

Virginia College's Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program is 188 credit hours, including 76 credits of concentration courses. You must complete 48 credits of concentration electives. This program also includes eight credits of foundation courses and 56 credits of general education courses.

Foundation Courses

Course CodeCourse Name
EDU 1010 Learning Framework
EDU 1020 Career Exploration/Planning

Concentration Courses

Course CodeCourse Name
AOM 1010 Keyboarding
AOM 1100 Word Processing
AOM 1200 Spreadsheets
BUS 1000 Introduction to Business
BUS 1410 Principles of Accounting I
BUS 1420 Principles of Accounting II
BUS 1460 Computerized Accounting
BUS 2760 Personnel Management
BUS 3010 Managerial Accounting
MGT 3010 Introduction to Marketing
MGT 3040 Organizational Behavior
MGT 3210 Human Resource Management
MGT 3340 Legal Environment in Business
MGT 3410 Business and Personal Ethics
MGT 4010 Organizational Communications
MGT 4220 Technology in Business
MGT 4340 Management Theory and Leadership
MGT 4510 Managerial Analysis and Decision Making
MGT 4540 Quality Assurance and Control

What Could I Do After I Graduate?

Career Opportunities

Once you complete Virginia College's Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program you could be able to pursue employment in the business world. You might be able to work in the private or public sectors. Your work could include assisting an organization with reaching its mission. Jobs that you might be interested in include:

  • Administration services manager
  • Business manager
  • Facility manager
  • Retail manager
  • Salesperson

Advanced degrees may not be offered at Virginia College, and credits may not be transferable.