Bachelor's Degree in Health Services Management

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Virginia College's Bachelor of Science in Health Services Management program is designed to help prepare you for mid-level management positions within the healthcare industry. Keep reading to find out more about the Health Services Management program at Virginia College.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Program Is It?

Virginia College's Bachelor of Science in Health Services Management program is offered online and at the school's Greenville, South Carolina campus. You can work towards this degree as a full-time or part-time student. You'll have the opportunity to learn about body structures, organs and systems, medical terminology, and ethics. This program is also designed to teach healthcare organizational management, accounting, human resource management, financial management fundamentals, healthcare management, and strategic management.

What Are the Prerequisites?

Before enrolling in the Health Services Management program at Virginia College you should have an interest in the healthcare industry. You should also have a desire to be in a leadership role. Applicants to Virginia College programs should have a high school diploma or GED.

What Are the Course Requirements?

You will have to complete 184 credit hours to earn Virginia College's Bachelor of Science in Health Services Management. This includes 60 credits of concentration courses and 60 credits of concentration electives. You will also take eight credits of foundation courses and 56 credits of general education courses.

Foundation Courses

Course CodeCourse Name
EDU 1010 Learning Framework
EDU 1020 Career Exploration/Planning

Concentration Courses

Course CodeCourse Name
BIO 1120 Anatomy and Physiology: Body Structures
BIO 1130 Anatomy and Physiology: Organs and Systems
BUS 1410 Principles of Accounting
HES 3400 Healthcare Delivery Systems
HES 3600 Legal Issues in Health Sciences
HES 3750 Health Perspectives and Assessment
HES 4000 Healthcare Organizational Management
HES 4650 Seminar in Health Professions Analysis
HES 4800 Management Accounting in Healthcare Organizations
MED 1010 Medical Terminology
MED 1140 Medical Law and Ethics
MGT 3210 Human Resource Management
MGT 3310 Fundamentals of Financial Management
MGT 4710 Healthcare Management
MGT 4900 Strategic Management

What Could I Do After I Graduate?

Career Opportunities

Once you complete Virginia College's Bachelor of Science in Health Services Management program, you could pursue mid-level management positions in the healthcare industry. You might be able to work for a hospital, doctor's office, ambulatory care center, or home health agency. Your responsibilities could include handling daily operations, managing personnel or finances, implementing procedures, or budget planning. Jobs that you could be interested in include:

  • Assistant administrator
  • Clinical manager
  • Health information manager
  • Health services manager
  • Healthcare executive
  • Medical manager
  • Office manager

Advanced degrees may not be offered at Virginia College, and credits may not be transferable.