Education Specialist - Learning Analytics in K-12 Education

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Do you already have a master's degree and wish to grow your knowledge of educational data analytics? Northcentral University's Education Specialist in Learning Analytics in K12 Education program is designed to help you build skills in collecting, analyzing, and applying educational data. Read on to find more about this online EdS program.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Program Is It?

The curriculum of this online Education Specialist program in Learning Analytics in K12 Education program offers you the opportunity to learn about collecting, analyzing, and utilizing educational data to improve learning outcomes in K-12 schools. Topics likely to be addressed include the history of data analytics, data collection systems, K-12 analytics tools, contemporary learning analytic problems and issues, designing an intended project, and the difference between academic and learning analytics. You will also need to apply your knowledge of learner analytics concepts and methods in a theoretical analytics project course as well as complete a capstone course.

What Are the Prerequisites?

You might have experience working in education as well as have strong computer and analytic skills before enrolling in the Education Specialist in Learning Analytics in K12 Education program. You must have already earned a master's degree from an accredited institution prior to applying as well.

What Are the Course Requirements?

This 33-credit program includes 18 specialization credits, six foundation credits, six research methods credits, and three capstone credits. Required courses are listed below.

Courses for an Education Specialist in Learning Analytics in K12 Education

Course NumberCourse Title
Required Courses
EDU 8000 Foundations for Graduate Study in Education
EDU 8001 Advanced Scholarly Writing
EDR 8203:Research Methods
EDR 8204
EDR 8205
Advanced Qualitative Design and Measurement

Advanced Quantitative Design and Measurement
Specialization Courses
LAK 7000Introduction to Learning Analytics
LAK 7001K-12 Educational Data
LAK 7002K-12 Analytics Decision Making: An Administrators Perspective
LAK 7003K-12 Learning Analytic Considerations
LAK 7004K-12 Analytic Tools
LAK 7005Implementing a K-12 Analytics Project
Capstone Course
ED 7053 Education Specialist Capstone Project

What Could I Do After Graduation?

Career Opportunities

As a graduate of NCU's EdS in Learning Analytics in K12 Education program, you might possess the necessary skills needed to pursue a variety of data analysis programs in K-12 schools, consulting firms, government organizations, or other business that manage educational data. Examples of positions you could pursue include:

  • K-12 research director
  • Education consultant
  • Learning analytics director
  • Education research analyst
  • Learning analytics specialist