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PhD - Organizational Leadership (PhD-OL)

Do you have the desire to develop the advanced leadership skills needed to guide an organization through change or to contribute to the field of organizational leadership? If so, then you could benefit from Northcentral University's Doctor of Philosophy in Organizational Leadership. Find out more about this doctoral degree program here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Program Is It?

Northcentral University's online Doctor of Philosophy in Organizational Leadership program allows you the opportunity to explore and evaluate a variety of leadership theories and applications as well as learn how to choose the best theory for a specific sector or situation. In addition, you'll have the chance to study ethical principles of leadership and the consequences of unethical leadership, capacity building, communicating change, coaching and consulting theories and applications, and the tactical aspects of executive leadership. The coursework is designed to prepare you to use these organizational leadership theories to implement positive change within an organization. You will also be required to complete a dissertation on a unique subject prior to graduation.

What Are the Prerequisites?

As a potential applicant to the Doctor of Philosophy in Organizational Leadership program, you must possess a master's or doctorate degree from an accredited university. You may also have a professional background in business and management as well as strong communication and problem-solving skills.

What Are the Course Requirements?

The Doctor of Philosophy in Organizational Leadership program requires the completion of at least 60 credits, although up to 15 additional credit hours may be allowed for dissertation research. Course requirements include 38 foundation credits and 12 dissertation credits.

Courses for a Doctor of Philosophy in Organizational Leadership

Course NumberCourse Title
Required Courses
BTM 7101 Doctoral Studies in Business
BTM 7300 Scholarly Literature Review
BTM 8104 Statistics I
OLB 7002 Building Organizational Capacity
BTM 7303 Research Methods
OLB 7004 Theory and Practice of Organizational Leadership
BTM 8103 Research Design
OLB 7005Ethical Leadership
BTM 8106
BTM 8108
Quantitative Business Research Design

Qualitative Research Design
OLB 7006 Communicating Change
BTM 8107 Statistics II
OLB 7007Leader as Coach/Consultant
OLB 7008Executive Leadership
Elective Course 17000 or 8000 level specialization course
Elective Course 2 7000 or 8000 level specialization course
CMP 9700L PhD-OL Portfolio
Dissertation Courses
DIS 9901A Components of the Dissertation
DIS 9902A The Dissertation Proposal
DIS 9903A Institutional Review Board (IRB) and Data Collection
DIS 9904A The Dissertation Manuscript and Defense

What Could I Do After I Graduate?

Career Opportunities

Once you have completed Northcentral University's PhD-OL program, you might be prepared to increase your existing leadership responsibilities or to explore directorial or executive positions in a variety of other public or private organizations. You could also consider a research or teaching position at a college or university. Example of some of the positions you may be able to pursue, depending on your previous experience, include:

  • Chief executive officer
  • Management consultant
  • Chief operating officer
  • Postsecondary professor
  • Executive director of human resources