Aviation Maintenance Technology (AMT) Degrees - Video

After earning a degree in Aviation Maintenance Technology (AMT), students can work as aviation mechanics or service technicians. Also known as airframe mechanics or powerplant mechanics, these professionals are usually employed by private companies and the federal government. Learn more about earning a degree in Aviation Maintenance Technology here.

Degree Overview

Aviation Maintenance Technology (AMT) degree programs train students how to repair, inspect and maintain jets, airplanes and other types of aircraft. These programs are typically available through trade schools, but can also be found through a number of colleges and universities. Most AMT degree programs take two to four years to complete and include instruction in a wide range of technologies, including aviation electronics, engines and construction.

Required Courses

Although required courses can vary from program to program, most AMT programs include courses in:

  • Aviation Science
  • Aircraft Engines
  • Electrical Systems
  • Aircraft Structures
  • Airframe Inspection
  • and Avionics Maintenance

Careers in Aviation Maintenance Technology

Most of the students who earn a degree in Aviation Maintenance Technology go on to become aviation mechanics or service technicians. These professionals are usually employed by major airlines or aerospace firms. The U.S. military also employs civilian mechanics and service technicians. Aviation professionals who have advanced training or extensive experience can often choose to work as inspectors, educators or supervisors.

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