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A bachelor's degree in Applied Science is a flexible degree that can be earned from many different colleges and universities. This degree is perhaps best suited for individuals who already have an Associate of Science or Associate of Applied Science degree. Learn more about earning a bachelor's degree in Applied Science here.

Degree Overview

A bachelor's degree in Applied Science is a degree that is associated with a variety of technical career paths. Most Applied Science degree programs concentrate on preparing students for entry or advancement within specific industries or fields, such as healthcare, laboratory science, engineering or manufacturing. These programs are generally designed for students who have already earned Associate of Science, Associate of Applied Science or Associate of Applied Technology degrees. Most programs take two years to complete, but there are four-year programs for students who have not yet earned an associate degree or the equivalent.

Required Courses

Required courses can vary dramatically in a Bachelor of Applied Science program. Coursework is typically dependent on a student's concentration. For example, a student who is earning an Applied Science degree with a concentration in environmental technology will take courses in renewable energy, solid waste management and sustainability, while a student who is concentrating on clinical laboratory science will be more likely to take courses in physiology and clinical chemistry. Some of the courses that every student within an Applied Science program can expect to take include instruction in decision-making, ethics, management, technology and mathematics or economics.

Careers in Applied Science

Students who have earned a Bachelor of Applied Science have the knowledge and skills needed for a wide range of career fields. Many students choose to stay in their current field and simply advance to a management position or a position with more responsibility. However, there are many other students who seek out an entirely new occupation. Students are limited only by their concentration and their ability to find a compatible employer. Some of the most popular fields for Applied Science grads include healthcare, manufacturing, engineering and other fields that are technology driven.

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