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Professionals working in computer forensics, computer science and digital forensics gather digital artifacts and information. Other areas in this professional field include database forensics, mobile device forensics and firewall forensics.

Job Description

Professionals in the field of Computer and Digital Forensics work to obtain legal evidence or digital blueprints in computers and other digital storage devices. These professionals may be charged with recovering data, analyzing digital devices for legal cases or gathering evidence of breaches in security. Specific job positions may include network administrators, information technology specialists, systems analysts or other positions in data information security and investigations, including law enforcement. It is a field of work that can be found across all types of organizations as businesses try to increase digital securities and their use of digital forensics.

Daily Duties

Duties of Computer and Digital Forensics professionals can range from determining a sequence of events to simply figuring out what information is stored on a digital device. They may analyze computer systems and digital storage devices in order to gain evidence for a legal investigation, recover data lost during hardware failure or take in information pertaining to a breach in security. These professionals need to be aware of the legal procedures in digital evidence gathering for criminal investigations as well. Because they handle digital devices on a daily basis, they will also need to stay on top of technology trends as they relate to computer evidence extraction and digital security.

Work Setting

Computer and Digital Forensics professionals typically work in an office setting. These individuals spend the majority of their time working directly on and with computers and digital files. They may conduct research using multiple kinds of digital artifacts--from JPEG files and e-mails to computer hard drives, CD-ROMs and cell phones. These professionals will work with a variety of individuals including legal personnel, law enforcement officials and information technology departments. Some of the work may even be done in high-security zones such as operations dealing with homeland security.

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