Childcare Management Certificates - Video

People who earn a certificate in Childcare Management are prepared to run day care centers, preschools and other child care services. Learn more about what it takes to earn a certificate and begin a career in Child Day Care Management.

Certificate Overview

Certificate programs in Childcare Management are designed to prepare students for management positions in childcare centers. Some programs emphasize a certain type of child care service, such as day care or preschool. Others provide general preparation.

Childcare Management programs are usually offered through community colleges, vocational schools and child care services. Although programs can vary in length, most programs take at least six months to complete and may last as long as two years.

Required Coursework

Certificate programs in Childcare Management can cover a wide range of topics, including child psychology, education theory, children's health and facility management. Most programs combine coursework with hands-on experience in day care centers and related facilities. After completing a Childcare Management program, students will be knowledgeable about child development and teaching methods. They will also be familiar with a number of business management concepts, such as bookkeeping and budgeting.

Careers in Childcare Management

Most of the students who earn a certificate in Childcare Management go on to work in day care centers, preschools, public school systems and other child care environments. Common job titles include day care provider, nanny, child care worker, infant nurse and paraprofessional. Regardless of title, most Childcare Management professionals spend their day taking care of children and making sure that facilities run smoothly.

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