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Computer Animation degree programs offer students the opportunity to pursue careers in the arts and electronic graphics development. Animators, cartoonists and other creative staff make vital contributions in nearly every genre of today's media landscape. Read more to learn if a Computer Animation degree is right for you.

Description of Degree

One need not look far to observe the growing importance of computer animation in media. Animation is, of course, a staple of website design and video game development, not to mention more traditional television and film formats. Enrolling in a Computer Animation degree program can put you at the forefront of content development for today's premier entertainment companies. Instruction focuses on using computers to generate two- and three-dimensional graphics and animation sequences. Once you develop these electronic arts skills, you can utilize them for a wide range of media purposes--from short Web commercials to detailed special effects for big-budget full-feature films.

Skills Obtained/Typical Courses

If you enroll in an animation program, you can expect to spend a great deal of time on a computer. A large focus of these degree options is familiarizing students with Maya, Premiere, Flipbook, Flash, Dreamweaver, Anime Studio, After Effects and other animation programs commonly used by media companies. While you're gaining hands-on technical skills, you'll also learn about the history of animation and the predominate methods being practiced in today's entertainment industry. You'll gain insight on how animation techniques and computer rendering can be utilized to create a wide range of products--from game sequences to animated television or film features. You'll also have the opportunity in studio settings to demonstrate what you've learned by creating your own portfolio of individual projects. Typical academic courses for animation students are:

  • History of Animation
  • 2D and 3D Animation
  • Stop Motion Animation
  • Digital Modeling
  • Action and Sequencing Analysis
  • Character Development
  • and Screen Design Principles

Career Options/Occupational Outlook

Students who graduate with a degree in Computer Animation may work in a wide range of creative areas. Many become animators for media companies. These professionals may work in two or three dimensions depending upon respective animation techniques and formats. Other graduates move on to work as storyboard artists, graphic designers, character designers, illustrators and compositors. That's not to mention the diverse opportunities available to grads in the technical and managerial areas. Among these are positions as animation producers, art directors and other production staff. Graduates of animation programs are sought by media companies throughout the country, from major motion picture studios to small start-ups in Web development. Many animators are also self-employed and work in a freelance capacity.

Wrap Up

Animation is an excellent area of study for those who are creative and artistic. In addition to familiarity with computers, students also benefit from talents in drawing, painting and other arts methods. For those who do earn degrees in Computer Animation, a broad range of creative careers are available in many different media environments. These professionals also have opportunity to pursue specialization within a wide range of areas that can prove quite lucrative.

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