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The need for individuals who are knowledgeable about computer repair is growing. Earning a degree in Computer Repair Technology will position you to meet this need. Learn more about earning a degree in Computer Repair Technology here.

Degree Overview

Computer Repair Technology degree programs teach students how to diagnose and repair computers, scanners, printers and other computer equipment. Although a degree isn't always necessary to break into the field of computer repair, it can be very beneficial. Most employers prefer to hire computer repair professionals who have a formal education.

Computer Repair Technology degrees can be earned from colleges, universities, vocational schools and technical schools. Most programs take two to four years to complete and result in either an associate degree or a bachelor's degree.

Required Courses

Computer Repair Technology programs are specifically designed to teach students how to diagnose and repair computer problems. Although coursework can vary depending on the program, most programs include courses in:

  • Electronics
  • Digital Logic
  • Computer Applications
  • Computer Diagnostics
  • System Maintenance
  • Printer and Scanner Repair
  • and Network and Hardware Maintenance

Careers in Computer Repair Technology

Most of the students who earn a degree in Computer Repair Technology go on to become computer repair technicians. Some of them are self-employed. Others work for independent firms and computer repair companies.

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