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Degree options in Fashion can include fashion design, accessory and footwear design, retail merchandising or marketing. Students in these programs are typically creative and have a good eye for color, textures, and fashion trends. Fashion degree programs are typically found in two-year technical or community colleges.

Description of Degree

A degree in Fashion can be valuable to anyone wishing to go into fashion design, footwear design, accessory design or fashion merchandising and marketing. Students in these programs study trends in fashion, sketch clothing and accessory designs, and work with selecting fabric and colors. Though technology has allowed designers to utilize computer programs to aid in completing designs, students in these programs always learn the fundamentals like sketching, stitching and sewing. Some of the schools that offer Fashion degrees include community colleges, technical colleges and trade schools. Associate degrees are the most common throughout these schools.

Skills Obtained and Typical Courses

Whether you are studying clothing, accessory or footwear design, you will learn about fashion trends and creation. Courses will also cover topics in marketing for fashion and merchandising products. Students will most likely utilize computer-aided design (CAD) to create their fashion pieces, but will initially learn to sketch designs by hand. It is beneficial to be familiar with both skills. Specific coursework for Fashion degrees may include:

  • Sketching for Fashion
  • Clothing Construction
  • History of Fashion
  • Fashion Design and Techniques
  • Creative Fashion Marketing and Merchandising
  • Pattern Drafting
  • and Textiles and Color

Career Options and Occupational Outlook

Entry-level positions can be found after completion of an associate's degree in Fashion. Students just starting out may find themselves working as a patternmaker or sketch assistant before delving into a higher level position. When working for a fashion design company, specific job titles may include chief designer, production assistant, assistant designer or design department head. Students with Fashion degrees may also have the option to work in retail settings as a personal stylist, merchandising assistant or retail store manager. Another option involves starting your own design company or line of clothing, footwear, or accessories. Students who have mastered their merchandising and marketing skills may benefit most from this option of work. Regardless of the position, students who complete a Fashion degree will have a sense of esthetic and be knowledgeable about textiles, fabrics, fashion trends and ornamentation. They will also be able to sketch designs, choose materials, communicate ideas to clients and see their ideas through to completion.

Wrap Up

Fashion degrees are designed to provide students with skills in pattern drafting, clothing construction, merchandising, fashion marketing and production techniques. Associate degree programs can last anywhere from 12 to 18 months and give students the opportunity to start work in the field right away. Many times, fashion designers advance in the field through experience and by working side-by-side with others experienced in the field. Fashion is an area of study that encourages creativity and requires students to keep track of their projects by developing personal design portfolios. These portfolios can be beneficial when looking for that first position upon completion of a Fashion degree.

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