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Forensic science is a branch of criminal justice. Students who are enrolled in a Forensic Science degree program study physical science, criminal investigation and the law. After graduation, forensic science students often obtain work as a forensic scientist, crime scene examiner, laboratory analyst, forensic engineer or medical examiner.

Degree Overview

Forensic Science degree programs are designed to familiarize students with various areas of the criminal justice process. Among other things, students learn how to collect evidence and conduct scientific investigations. Forensic Science programs are available at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Diplomas and certificates are also available from certain colleges, universities and vocational schools.

Typical Courses

Most Forensic Science degree programs combine biological science and chemistry instruction with courses in criminal justice and law. Specific courses may include:

  • Analytical Techniques
  • Evidence Collection
  • Forensic Biology
  • Forensic Chemistry
  • Drugs and Toxicology
  • Human Pathology
  • Law and Criminal Procedures
  • Statistics

Careers in Forensic Science

There are a number of different careers open to students who have a degree in Forensic Science. Common jobs include crime scene examiner, laboratory analyst, forensic engineer, forensic scientist and medical examiner. Regardless of title, most forensic science professionals work on the scene of a crime or in a laboratory. Jobs are also available in offices, morgues, police stations, hospitals and universities.

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