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A General Studies degree, or a Generalist degree as it is sometimes called, may be a good option for students who haven't decided on a specific career path. General Studies programs provide a multi-disciplinary education that can prepare students for a wide range of careers or for graduate study.

Degree Overview

A General Studies degree program is designed to give students a broad education in a wide range of disciplines. Most programs offer a fully-customizable curriculum that prepares students for a variety of professions.

Because a General Studies degree is known as a 'gateway degree,' it cannot be earned at the graduate level. However, there are a number of quality General Studies degree programs available to associate and bachelor level students.

Typical Courses

Most General Studies programs allow students to customize their curriculum and explore a number of different disciplines. Students can take courses in English, math, history, science, psychology, philosophy, business, fine arts or any other subject that interests them.

Careers Opportunities

Students who have earned a General Studies degree can work in a wide range of professional fields, including business, education, health care, law and social services. This degree can also serve as a first step for students who are interested in pursuing graduate-level study.

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