How Do I Become a Barber? - Video

Barbers are hairstylists who specialize in men's hair. To become a Barber, you must complete a formal education program and earn a license. Learn more about specific requirements here.

Education and Training

To become a Barber, you must first learn how to trim and style hair. You can do this by working as an apprentice for a licensed Barber or by attending a formal education program. Schools can include just barbering or complete cosmetology programs. These programs can be found at colleges, career schools, and other beautification training facilities. Most programs take between nine months and two years to complete and result in a degree, certificate or diploma.

Licensing and Certification

Nearly every state requires Barbers to be licensed. Although licensing regulations can vary by state, most states ask that you complete a formal education program or apprenticeship before applying for a license. Other requirements may include passing a written exam, undergoing a practical examination of skills and passing an oral exam.

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