How Do I Become a Cameraman? - Video

A Cameraman is an expert technician who works behind a camera to capture images for a film, television show or another media project. Most Cameramen, or camera operators as they are sometimes known, receive their training from a formal education program. Learn more about the education required to become a Cameraman here.

Education and Training

Many people believe that knowing how to hold a camera is the only qualification needed to become a Cameraman. The truth is that most employers prefer to hire trained individuals who have completed some type of formal post-secondary training at a college, university or vocational school.

Technical and vocational schools are a good source for courses in camera operation and videography. If you are interested in earning a degree from a college or university, you should consider an associate or bachelor degree program in filmmaking, videography or video production. All of these education options will give you the training you need to pursue work as a Cameraman.

Internships and Entry-Level Work

Obtaining a job as a Cameraman can be difficult for recent graduates. Most employers prefer to hire people who have real working experience in addition to an education. To gain work experience, many Cameramen complete an internship while earning their degree. Others take entry-level work as production assistants or camera assistants.

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