How Do I Become a High School Teacher? - Video

High School Teachers enjoy rewarding education careers. These teaching professionals play an invaluable role in students' academic, social and emotional development. At the high school level, educators also have the opportunity to serve as mentors for young people weighing career options. Learn more about how you can become a High School Teacher.

High School Teachers, like most educators, must be licensed by the state in which they plan to teach. Most commonly, Teachers earn a bachelor's degree before becoming licensed. Bachelor degree programs typically cover areas such as educational psychology, classroom management and instruction methods. Teaching at the high school level will also have intensive coursework within the subject area you would like to instruct. A prospective Teacher who would like to teach English, for example, is required to take multiple courses in that area of study.

Other Educational Routes

Four-year teaching programs aren't the only option for students who want to become a High School Teacher. There are many colleges and universities that offer one to two year programs for students who have already earned a bachelor's degree in a non-education discipline.

These education programs will allow you to work toward licensure while teaching on a provisional basis under the supervision of experienced educators. Most programs focus on the art of teaching and result in a masters degree.


Practicum, or student teaching, is generally required before you graduate from education programs. This period of student teaching allows you to demonstrate what you've learned by working with students in real classrooms. It's after completing this practicum that most graduates go through the licensure process, which most often involves a series of tests determining classroom readiness.

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