How Do I Become a Lawyer? - Video

Lawyers, or attorneys as they are sometimes called, are the backbone of the legal system. It will take you approximately seven years of study to become a Lawyer after you finish high school. You'll also need to pass a written examination.

Education and Training

To become a lawyer, you'll first need to earn a bachelor's degree from a college or university and then a degree from an accredited law school. You can earn a bachelor's degree in any discipline. However, most law schools recommend a multidisciplinary degree program with courses in English, public speaking, government, philosophy, history and foreign languages.

After earning a bachelor's degree, you will need to spend an additional three years studying law at a school that has accreditation from the American Bar Association (ABA). Most schools have a rigorous law program that combines academic courses with hands-on experience in a courtroom or legal setting.

Licensing and Certification

Before you can practice law, you must pass a written bar examination. Bar examinations are administered by the state. Every state has different requirements for bar applicants, so you may need to pass a different bar exam in every state in which you plan to practice. Some states administer other tests in addition to the bar exam, such as ethics exams and performance testing, but in most cases, these tests are one-time requirements.

In order to practice law in a federal court or before a federal agency, you may need to pass additional exams or meet qualifications that have been established by the court or agency. This typically involves being admitted to the bar of that particular court, but may include passing an examination on federal law.

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