How Do I Become a Sound Technician? - Video

Sound Technicians, also known as audio technicians and sound engineers, are responsible for the sounds heard in sporting arenas, theater productions, movies and musical productions. Learn what kind of education and training is required to become a Sound Technician.

Education and Training

You don't need an advanced degree to become a Sound Technician, but formal training is often required to secure an entry-level position. Most Sound Technicians get the training they need though vocational programs. These programs typically last one to two years and teach students how to use computer-based tools to monitor, mix and produce sounds.

Training is also available through a number or colleges and universities. These training programs typically result in an associate degree or bachelor degree. Specific programs that would be beneficial to students who want to become Sound Technicians include degree programs in Audio Engineering or Broadcast Technology.

Licensing and Certification

You don't need a license or certification to work as a Sound Technician. However, voluntary certification is available through the Society of Broadcast Engineers. This certification is a good way to demonstrate your professional competence to employers. You can earn the certification by passing an examination and meeting criteria established by the National Certification Committee.

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