How Do I Become a Tax Preparer? - Video

Every year, millions of people hire tax professionals to help them with preparing their taxes. With the right training, you could be one of those tax professionals. Learn more about the education required to become a Tax Preparer here.

Education and Training

Although you don't need a college degree to become a Tax Preparer, formal training is a must. Tax Preparers need extensive knowledge of tax code and tax forms. They must also be familiar with state and federal tax laws.

Most Tax Preparers receive their training from the International Revenue Service (IRS) or professional tax preparation services, such as H&R Block or Jackson Hewitt. Training programs are also available from vocational schools and career colleges. Most of these programs result in certificates or diplomas.

Licensing and Certification

You'll need to be licensed before you can lawfully prepare tax returns in most states. Although licensing requirements can vary depending on the state in which you work, most states ask that you complete formal tax training and pass an exam. In some cases, you must also work a minimum number of hours under supervision of a licensed tax professional.

Many Tax Preparers also choose to seek certification from the IRS and other tax organizations. You can become certified in basic tax preparation, advanced tax preparation, international tax preparation and other subspecialties.

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