How Do I Become an Elementary Music Teacher? - Video

Are you interested in teaching music to children? Elementary music teachers enjoy rewarding careers. These educators have the opportunity to build music skills in students while playing an important role in their healthy social and emotional development. Learn more about education programs that can prepare you to become an elementary music teacher.

Elementary school music teachers, like most educators, must be licensed by the state in which they plan to teach. Most prospective elementary educators interested in teaching music earn a bachelor's degree toward becoming licensed.

Earning a Degree

Degree programs for students who wish to teach music at the elementary level incorporate intensive coursework in both music and effective instruction methods. The objective of these programs is to provide future teachers with comprehensive knowledge of music allowing them to build skills in children. Class offerings within the music portion of these programs may include courses such as music theory, dictation, singing, and conducting techniques. In addition to core music requirements, students usually also have access to a variety of elective courses they can take to round out their studies in the discipline. Instruction will generally be offered, for example, in playing the guitar, piano and other instruments in all variety of styles--from jazz or rock formats to orchestral arrangements.

A second aspect of earning a teaching degree in music focuses on the art of instructing students. Teaching programs at four-year colleges and universities can prepare you for the classroom through intensive courses about how children learn and best practices for effectively reaching students with instruction. You'll learn how to foster students' healthy development while building their creativity, problem-solving abilities and an appreciation for music. These classes in education philosophy and developmental psychology are supplemented with those in pedagogical methods, curriculum implementation and other practical areas of classroom guidance. The objective of these programs is to provide you with skills that will set you up for success with learners in the classroom.

Student Teaching

Practicum, or student teaching, is generally required before you graduate from elementary music education programs. This period of student teaching allows you to demonstrate what you've learned by teaching music to students in real classrooms. It's after completing this practicum that most graduates go through the licensure process, which is most often a series of tests determining classroom readiness.

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