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Many schools offer degree options in Human Resource Management. These degrees range from a Bachelor's of Human Resource Management to an MBA in Human Resources. Entry-level positions are obtainable with a four-year degree in the field, but advanced degrees are required for those wishing to obtain mid- to senior-level positions.

Description of Degree

Human resource managers spend most of their time dealing with employee performance, employee relations and planning of personnel resources. They are often responsible for handling the hiring, training, firing and other personnel issues within organizations. A Human Resources Management degree program teaches students how to effectively manage personnel in the public and private sectors. Individuals who see themselves as becoming managers or leaders in business will benefit from the training an HR degree program provides.

Skills Obtained and Typical Courses

Throughout a Human Resource Management degree program, students will learn tactics in recruitment and hiring, employee orientation and benefits programs. Students will be prepared to work in human resources as well as business administration. Specific coursework in this degree program may include:

  • Human Resource Management Information Systems
  • Diversity and Management
  • Conflict Management and Resolution
  • Labor Laws and Employment Policies
  • and Compensation Management

Higher Educational Options

It is becoming increasingly important to obtain an advanced degree for upward mobility in the area of human resource management. An MBA in Human Resources Management is one option for those wishing to enhance their marketability in the field. Students may wish to specialize in a particular area of human resources or receive advanced certifications. Human resource certifications include Professional in Human Resources, Global Professional in Human Resources and Senior Professional in Human Resources. These certification options are all offered through the Society of Human Resource Management. Individuals looking to move into senior-level positions such as a human resource director would benefit from an advanced degree or additional certification in this field. Positions such as arbitrators, contract negotiators and labor relations professionals also require advanced degrees and more often backgrounds in law. Other master's degree options for this field include labor relations or business administration.

Career Options and Occupational Outlook

Entry-level positions for recent graduates in human resources include titles such as human resource assistants, human resource generalists and human resource directors. In smaller organizations, hr generalists can be charged with all aspects of human resources. This may include hiring, benefits explanations, compensation negotiations and termination of employees. Students with advanced degrees in human resource management can look for positions in labor relations. Positions may include that of mediator, contract negotiator, arbitrator or human resource executive.

Wrap Up

Human resource professionals are important to every organization in that they help train and maintain the employees that make each organization what it is. A degree in Human Resource Management can lead to an entry-level or mid-level position. Those who wish to move into managerial positions or work in areas such as labor relations should work toward an advanced degree.

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