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Although marine biology is closely related to biology, it is actually a branch of oceanography. Students who enroll in a Marine Biology degree program study the organisms that live in oceans and other bodies of water. You can learn more about Marine Biology degrees and careers here.

Marine Biology Degree Overview

Marine Biology degree programs focus on the scientific study of marine life forms and the environment in which they live. Students who major in Marine Biology explore a wide range of subjects, including ocean geology, botany, chemistry, mammalogy and conservation.

Colleges, universities and career schools offer a range of degrees in Marine Biology. Although bachelor programs are the most common, associate, master and doctorate degree programs are offered through many schools. Students can also earn degrees in related fields, such as oceanography, environmental biology and zoology.

Typical Coursework

Although the courses in a Marine Biology degree program can vary, most programs offer courses in:

  • Basic Biology
  • Biometrics
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Statistics
  • Zoology

Marine biology students who want to specialize in a specific discipline of interest may also take courses that focus on ecology, oceanography and ichthyology, which is a study of fish. Students who want to work in management or public policy are often encouraged to take social science courses.

Careers in Marine Biology

There are many different career paths open to students who have a degree in Marine Biology. Students can work in research, teaching, environmental management and nature conservation. Opportunities are also available in management, tourism and the leisure industry. Specific occupation titles include marine biologist, marine scientist, biological technician, oceanographer, marine mammalogist, environmental manager and conservationist.

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