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Music production is an excellent career field for students who have a passion for music. Jobs are available for music producers, recording engineers, production assistants and studio managers.

An Overview

The people who work in Music Production are almost as important as the people who sing and perform. Modern Music Production relies heavily on computer software and digital technology. Just about every song you hear was recorded, mixed and mastered by a team of professionals who are experts in various aspects of the recording process.

Careers in Music Production

One of the most well known careers in Music Production is record producer. Record producers, or music producers as they are sometimes called, supervise recording, mixing and mastering sessions. Other day-to-day duties include securing studio time, coaching artists and making sure that a project stays within budget.

Some of the other jobs that are common in the field of Music Production include recording engineer, production assistant and studio manager. Recording engineers set up equipment and operate the soundboard during recording sessions. Production assistants work directly underneath producers and assist with day-to-day duties. Studio managers book acts, schedule engineers and provide a place for other Music Production professionals to work.

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