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Pediatric Medicine differs from other medicines in that it deals strictly with the care of children and young adults. Pediatricians are physicians who work in the field of Pediatric Medicine. Pediatric specialties may include development pediatrics, trauma service, autoimmune disorders and pediatric surgery.

An Overview of Pediatric Medicine

Pediatricians are physicians who care for babies, children and young adults. They diagnose and treat illnesses or conditions that are specific to young people. Specialized nurses and other health care professionals are also selectively trained to care for non-adult patients.

Like regular medicine, much of Pediatric Medicine involves daily treatments of common illnesses, minor injuries and immunizations. However, there are differences between Pediatrics and other forms of medicine.

Firstly, young children have a vastly different physiological make up than adults. Children's organs grow and develop at much different rates. Pediatricians must be very aware of these differences as well as the congenital defects and developmental issues that are exclusive to young people.

Pediatricians must also work intimately with family members. Children are too young to make their own health care decisions; Pediatricians and other care providers must work together to decide what is best for the patient.

Some of the specialties within Pediatrics include: surgery, immunology, cardiology, and trauma services. Each area differs, but all are an important part of Pediatric Medicine.

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