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Speech Therapy, also known as Speech-Language Pathology, is the study of disorders that can affect a person's speech. Students who earn a degree in Speech Therapy usually go on to become speech-language assistants or speech therapists.

Speech Therapy Degree Overview

Speech Therapy degree programs use a combination of academic and clinical training to teach students how to assess, diagnose and treat speech and language disorders. Although most Speech Therapy degree programs are offered at the graduate level, there are some colleges and universities that have associate and bachelor degree programs.

Typical Courses

Exact coursework can vary depending on the Speech Therapy degree program, but most programs include courses in:

  • Acoustic Principles
  • Anatomy
  • Communication
  • Communication Disorders
  • Language Development
  • Linguistics
  • Phonology
  • Physiology
  • Speech Development

Students who are enrolled in a master's degree program also receive clinical training to learn how to diagnose and treat various speech disorders.

Careers in Speech Therapy

There are three main career paths for students with a degree in Speech Therapy: speech-language pathology aide, speech-language pathology assistant and speech-language pathologist.

Aides and assistants act as support personnel for speech-language pathologists. Job duties typically include assisting in screenings and assessments, documenting patient performance and performing maintenance on equipment. Most of the students who go on to become speech-language aides and assistants get their education through an associate degree program and on-the-job training.

Speech-language pathologists assess, diagnose and treat patients with speech or language disorders. Most speech language pathologists have at least a master's degree in Speech Therapy or Speech-Language Pathology.

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