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Surgical Technology degree programs teach students how to assist in surgical operations. After earning a degree in Surgical Technology, students will be prepared to work in hospitals and medical facilities under the supervision of surgeons, nurses and other health care professionals.

Degree Overview

Surgical Technology degree programs teach students how to prepare an operating room and a patient for surgery. These programs also train students to assist physicians and other medical professionals throughout a surgical procedure. The average programs lasts between nine months and two years and results in an associate degree, diploma or certificate.

Required Courses

Most Surgical Technology programs combine classwork with supervised clinical experience. Required courses often include instruction in:

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Surgical Instrumentation
  • Surgical Procedures
  • Surgical Technology Applications
  • Operating Room Safety
  • Pharmacology
  • and Medical Ethics

Careers in Surgical Technology

After completing a degree program in Surgical Technology, students can work as surgical technologists. Also known as 'scrubs,' surgical technologists usually work in hospitals. However, jobs are also available in physician's offices, outpatient care centers and ambulatory surgical centers. After working for several years, many scrubs choose to specialize in a particular type of surgical technology, such as brain surgery or open heart surgery. These techs often advance to the position of first assistant or supervisor.

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