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A bachelor's degree in Technology Management can be found at many four-year colleges. These degree programs combine practical technical skills in information technology as well as business management and communication skills. Here, we give you an overview of this degree option.

Description of Degree

A bachelor's degree in Technology Management prepares students to direct a company's technology communications and plans. Students learn how to plan, coordinate and manage technology systems and processes while supervising those who carry out the logistics. Upon completion of a program, students will have the knowledge of networks, database systems, and advanced computer software needed to move a company's business technology to the next level.

Skills Obtained and Typical Courses

A bachelor's degree program in Technology Management will focus on practical training. They are rigorous and cover technical concepts and skill building. Students will also learn how to communicate and develop sound business tactics and plans as they relate to information technology. Courses in a Technology Management program geared toward these goals include:

  • Introduction to Information Technology
  • IT Management
  • Computer Programming
  • Networks and Telecommunications
  • Database Technology
  • Business Management and Strategic Technology Planning

Upon successful completion of these courses, students should feel prepared to forecast and develop efficient technical business practices and solutions. Specific skills may include setting up a database or secured networks for a particular business. Students will have the skills needed to lead an IT department for a variety of organizations. This will also include learning basic applications of the legal system and laws, specifically as they pertain to managing personnel and IT systems. Students will also learn how to forecast business trends, analyze finances and plan marketing tactics specific to an IT program.

Career Options and Occupational Outlook

There are not many, if any, industries that do not relay on some type of technology to function and remain profitable. As such, there are a variety of opportunities for employment in the area of Technology Management. Whether graduates of these programs choose to work for government, corporate or nonprofit organizations, specific job titles may include: technology manager, engineering manager, senior technologist or information director. Employers will seek out those who have equal abilities in technical knowledge and business and communication skills. Advanced degrees and certifications will also prove beneficial as the world of technology is ever-changing. Employers want to know that the employees they hire are knowledgeable about the most current technology trends and have a willingness to keep learning as the industry changes.

Wrap Up

Over the years, technology has enhanced the majority of all industries. As such, technology managers are becoming more and more important. As businesses and corporations wish to evolve and change with technology, IT or technology managers can help streamline databases and security systems, utilize advanced network systems or develop new technical business strategies. A bachelor's degree in the area of Technology Management is a great start to gain employment in the industry, but it is important to keep learning for IT professionals who wish to advance their careers.

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