What Does a Bank Teller Do? - Video

Bank Tellers, or cashiers as they are sometimes called, deal directly with customers in banks, credit unions and savings institutions. Tellers handle more financial transactions than any other bank employee.

Day-to-Day Duties

Bank Tellers are like customer service representatives for banks. They help bank customers with financial transactions such as withdrawals, deposits, transfers and check cashing. Bank Tellers also sell savings bonds, money orders, cashier's checks and traveler's checks. Other day-to-day job duties include promoting a bank's products and payment collection.

Bank Tellers with a lot of work experience sometimes have additional duties, such as handling foreign currencies or managing ATM deposits and payments. Tellers who work in a management position may also be responsible for creating schedules and training new employees.

Work Environment

Bank Tellers work in credit unions, commercial banks and other types of financial institutions. Although Tellers typically stand behind counters working directly with the public, there are some professionals who have their own offices. Most Bank Tellers are employed full-time and work 40 hours each week.

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