What Does a Biomedical Equipment Technician Do? - Video

Biomedical Equipment Technicians (BMETs), or biomedical engineering technicians as they are sometimes known, monitor and service medical equipment. They typically work for hospitals, clinics and private companies.

Job Description

Biomedical Equipment Technicians, otherwise known as BMETs, service and maintain medical equipment. These highly-specialized technicians work on diagnostic and treatment devices, such as CAT scanners and heart defibrillators. Some BMETs work exclusively on a specific type of biomedical equipment. Others focus on a certain area, such as radiology, surgery, nuclear medicine, intensive care or clinical labs.

Daily Duties

Regardless of specialization, BMETs spend much of their time installing, inspecting and repairing biomedical equipment. Other daily duties include performing general maintenance, completing safety checks and ordering new parts. Technicians may also be responsible for showing physicians, nurses and other healthcare workers how to operate biomedical equipment.

Work Setting

Most BMETs work in hospitals or clinics. Employment is also available through the military and medical instrument manufacturers. A small number of technicians are self-employed. The average BMET works under the supervision of a biomedical engineer or maintenance director. All BMETs operate under regulatory frameworks, which means that they must adhere to safety codes and other regulations that have been established by the government.

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