What Does a Building Inspector Do? - Video

Building Inspectors, or construction inspectors as they are sometimes known, inspect buildings, highways, bridges and other structures to ensure public safety. Learn more about what a Building Inspector does here.

Job Duties

Although the exact job duties of a Building Inspector can vary depending on job title and place of employment, most Inspectors are responsible for assessing construction projects and ensuring compliance with building regulations and codes. Inspections typically occur at the beginning of a project, during construction and upon completion. During an inspection, Building Inspectors assess the structural quality, general safety and potential risk of the building or project in question. These professionals then determine if the structure passes inspection or requires further review.


Many Building Inspectors choose to specialize in a specific area, such as elevator inspections or fire inspections. Opportunities are also available for mechanical inspectors, plumbing inspectors and electrical inspectors. Another popular focus is home inspection, which involves examination of newly built or previously owned homes and apartments.

Work Environment

Nearly 50 percent of all Building Inspectors are employed by local or city governments. The rest work for themselves or through private firms. Most Inspectors split their time between construction sites, where they conduct inspections, and office settings, where they write inspection reports. The average Inspector works alone. However, there are some professionals who work as part of a group or project team.

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