What Does a Cake Decorator Do? - Video

A Cake Decorator typically has a background in baking. This person uses decorative elements to add visual elements to a cake. Other titles may include a cake designer or pastry artisan.

Job Description

A Cake Decorator works to design cakes by using decorative elements such as icing, flowers or pictures. These decorators may also mold or sculpt cakes to resemble a particular theme for a special occasion. Though it is not necessary, many Cake Decorators have a culinary degree or background.

Daily Duties

Cake Decorators are constantly working with their hands. They create a variety of designs and images on cakes or pastries. Their decorated pieces are often for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays or anniversaries. In fact, some Cake Decorators choose to specialize in wedding cakes because of the high demand. These baking professionals work daily with fillings, frostings and other baking materials. They blend colors and icing, create pictures and shapes, and use various edible material to decorate each cake creatively. Cake Decorators may also meet with clients during a consultation to figure out their needs.

Work Setting

Cake Decorators work in the kitchen in a grocery store, a specialty shop, a bakery or even at home. These professionals tend to work under tight deadlines. And because they work with perishable items, paying attention to these deadlines and time-sensitive baking requirements is critical. A Cake Decorator may also work much of his or her time alone, even if part of an overall team. Hours may include weekends and holidays, especially when decorating cakes for special events such as a wedding. Cake Decorators may also work early morning hours or in the evening to ensure the finished product is fresh for an event.

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