What Does a Cartoon Artist Do? - Video

A Cartoon Artist specializes in cartoon drawing. Cartoon drawings may be humorous, political or editorial in nature. A Cartoon Artist may also be referred to as a cartoonist.

Job Description

A Cartoon Artist draws cartoons, traditionally for entertainment purposes. Cartoons may be funny, political or editorial in nature. A Cartoon Artist may draw for traditional print cartoons, comic books, comic strips or graphic novels. These artists typically draw for print media. They also have great skills in drawing and illustration. If working on the humorous side of cartoons, Cartoon Artists will also have a great sense of humor or work with commentators to provide them with concepts and ideas.

Daily Duties

Cartoon Artists spend much of their time drawing, sketching and coming up with new work ideas. It is typical for a Cartoon Artist to sketch their work first. After they are satisfied, they will then go over the drawings with black ink. However, there are an increasing number of Cartoon Artists who work with digital media to correspond with online publications. Cartoon Artists may work alone or with other professionals, such as story editors or those who provide captions, to gain ideas and perspective on projects.

Work Setting

Cartoon Artists will spend much of their time at a sketch desk or on a computer using digital software to create images. Those who work for publishing companies, magazines, newspapers or design firms will work a typical 40-hour week. Those who are self-employed have the ability to set their own hours. They will not only spend their time drawing and creating cartoons, but marketing and selling their work to potential clients. All Cartoon Artists may find themselves working overtime in order to meet deadlines or finalize an idea. As it is a highly competitive profession, Cartoon Artists, especially those who freelance, may be under stress while trying to find success.

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