What Does a Child Psychologist Do? - Video

A Child Psychologist is a psychology professional that works specifically with children. Child Psychologists can work as therapists, consultants or advisors. Experienced professionals can also work in teaching or research.

Job Duties

Child Psychologists work in a host of different career paths according to their interests. Psychologists who work as therapists typically spend the majority of their day evaluating and counseling young patients and families. This many include using a number of approaches such as play, art and music to employ therapy techniques.

Other Child Psychologists may work as researchers creating solutions to learning disabilities or developing new psychological testing procedures for children.

Some also work as advisors, setting up programming for schools, community organizations and other public and private organizations.

A Child Psychologist may also find themselves working in social work. These psychologists may work with children who have been abused, been taken away from their family in the court system or have been victims of crimes. Oftentimes these Psychologists will evaluate or even testify to the emotional and psychological well-being of children.

In all cases, Child Psychologists have an affection for working to improve the lives of children.

Work Environment

Psychologists can be found working in their own office or private practice. Others work in hospitals, medical facilities and clinical settings. Child Psychologists who are employed in teaching at the university level typically work in classrooms and research facilities.

Although many professionals work alone, it is becoming increasingly common for Child Psychologists to work as part of a team or researchers, therapists or social workers. In fact, many Child Psychologists consult with other professionals in and outside their field on a daily basis.

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