What Does a Fish and Game Warden Do? - Video

A Fish and Game Warden is responsible for enforcing the laws of fishing, hunting and boating. They are agents of law enforcement and may work at the state or federal level. It is a position that typically required two years of education beyond high school with further training done in the field.

Job Description

Fish and Game Wardens are law enforcement agents employed to uphold boating, hunting and fishing laws. They patrol their assigned areas, investigate accidents and complaints and carry out search and rescue operations. Fish and Game Wardens typically receive one to two years of training beyond high school in addition to on-the-job training they receive in the field.

Daily Duties

Fish and Game Wardens have several responsibilities. When patrolling, they may arrest or ticket violators of wildlife laws and seize their equipment connected with the violation. They may also record information concerning the condition of wildlife or fish in their area.

Wardens may also have investigative responsibilities. They may inspect crop or wildlife damage that has occurred in a particular area even inspect commercial operations such as fishing canneries and processors.

Fish and Game Wardens may also distribute hunting licenses and conduct public safety trainings.

Work Setting

The majority of a Fish and Game Warden's time is spent working outside. They work year-round during all weather conditions and seasons. At times, their job may be dangerous working near wild animals and in the elements. Fish and Game Wardens may also be required to use off-road vehicles, patrol boats or even scuba-diving equipment. They are considered law enforcement officials and as such, they are required to appear in uniform and carry a weapon for protection. They are our most important protectors of wildlife areas.

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