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Flight Attendants are hired by major airlines to provide security for passengers on board an aircraft. Attendants are certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and may have a bachelor's degree in travel and tourism or other such related field.

Job Description

A Flight Attendant works for an airline to ensure its passengers are safe and secure. Safety of passengers is the top priority for these professionals, though they also work to make passengers feel comfortable and enjoy their travels. It is also a requirement that all Flight Attendants be certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Daily Duties

A Flight Attendants duties may include traveling to multiple destinations in one day. During their assigned flights, they go through safety and security procedures with passengers. They check to make sure safety belts are used properly, answer flight-related questions and provide assistance to passengers who may need help. Flight Attendants also serve beverages and food to passengers, especially in the case of a long flight. They are charged with cleaning the cabin of the airplane and greeting passengers as they board. Prior to each flight, attendants meet with the plane's captain to go over emergency procedures, flight length, weather conditions and any special issues that may be involved for that trip. Flight Attendants are also responsible for the upkeep of emergency equipment in the aircraft such as first-aid kits, flotation devices and oxygen masks.

Work Setting

Flight Attendants work a variety of hours, including nights, weekends and holidays. As a Flight Attendant gains seniority, many times they will receive preferred routes, making their work schedule more accommodating for their personal life. Typically, they are not allowed to work more than 12 hours a day. On average, attendants will spend 50 hours per month preparing for flights, waiting for planes or preparing reports. They will spend up to another 90 hours each month in flight. Flight Attendants also typically have a home base. When they need to stay over night in a location, the airline will usually provide lodging and an allowance for meals.

In all regards, Flight Attendants play a crucial role in the safety of passengers. In an emergency situation, they wiil be the first to be called upon to protect the well-being of others.

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