What Does a Health Inspector Do? - Video

Health Inspectors help keep the public safe by inspecting a variety of locations for health and safety hazards. They may also be called environmental health specialists or occupation health specialists.

Job Description

Health Inspectors investigate and monitor potential health hazards to keep the public safe. Inspections may take place at restaurants, public pools, schools, nursing homes and daycare centers. Health Inspectors will complete investigation at such public facilities and decide whether or not further action to eliminate hazards may be necessary. They will even respond to complaints or other health concerns such as sewage overflow, campground inspections or animal bites.

Daily Duties

Duties of a Health Inspector range from testing air, water and other natural elements to inspecting public locations for health violations. Inspectors will work to properly collect materials with the necessary scientific equipment. They'll test machines to make sure they're up to safety regulations. They'll also check items such as personal safety equipment, masks and protective eyewear to ensure they are up to code. Health Inspectors are also called in when job-related injuries or illnesses happen. They will then study the cause and propose action. It may dependent on their jurisdiction, but some inspectors may also inspect private water systems such as wells and septic systems.

Work Setting

Inspectors work for local, state and federal government agencies. Jobs may involve travel and fieldwork which may sometimes be dangerous, hazardous or stressful. They may also need to confront those who are committing violations so good communication skills will often be necessary.

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