What Does a Kinesiotherapist Do? - Video

A Kinesiotherapist has a bachelor's degree in kinesiology, kinesiotherapy or similar subject. They work to rehabilitate those who need to enhance their strength and endurance.

Job Description

Kinesiotherapists work with those who need rehabilitation with movement and strength. They put together exercise programs to help individuals restore mobility. Patients often see a Kinesiotherapist as part of a prescription from a licensed physician. Kinesiotherapists work with physicians to develop the best plans and evaluation tools to administer personalized physical therapy plans for each patient. They also administer tests to measure the musculoskeletal, psychosocial, ergonomic or neurological condition of a patient. From these tests, a goal-specific treatment plan will be identified.

Daily Duties

The daily duties of a Kinesiotherapist will depend on the type of patients. Typical treatments provided by a Kinesiotherapist may include: geriatric rehabilitation, aquatic therapy, prosthetic training or rehabilitation and even driver training. They work with clients to develop exercise programs and adapted fitness programs specific to their movement needs. A Kinesiotherapist not only provides physical exercises for their patients, but also education, instruction and demonstrations. These professionals assess the progress of each patient, determining when, and if, it is appropriate to end their prescribed therapy sessions.

Work Setting

A Kinesiotherapist may work in a hospital, medical center, rehabilitation clinic, or wellness facility. They may work long hours and be on their feet for most of the day. They may also need to help patients to move as they are administering treatment and therapy.

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