What Does a Land Surveyor Do? - Video

Land Surveyors work to determine boundaries of properties and measurements of the Earth. Typical fields of work may include engineering and architecture.

Job Description

Land surveyors play an important role in the planning and design of many fields, including transportation, building and construction, mapping and real estate. A Land Surveyor's primary role is to determine where and how legal boundaries are created. Land Surveyor may be responsible for mapping the topography of land for engineering and construction design, establishing borders for real estate titling, certifying that structures are built to specifications and mapping areas for roads, airports or railway systems. Surveyors will also map things like slopes, river bottoms and aerial spaces.

These duties are usually performed by recording measurements in the field using a total station. A total station uses a beam of light to accurately measure distances and angles. The surveyor will then collect this data and perform calculations using algebra, geometry and trigonometry. They must be extremely precise with their measurements and accuracy, as there is little room for error.

Surveyors must also have a good handle of property and contract laws. Often a surveyor will take their information to draw up legal documents, leases, deeds and maps. They may also use existing historical data to assist them.

Work Setting

A Land Surveyor can be found both in the office and in the field. When in the field, a Land Surveyor may stand or walk for long periods of time. They may also travel considerable distances. Surveyors will typically work 40 hours a week, working longer hours in the summer months.

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