What Does a Magnetic Imaging Technician Do? - Video

A Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technician, or MRI Technician, is someone with the correct training to operate and read an MRI machine in a hospital or clinical setting. MRI Technicians work to help injured patients by using this type of radiological scan to diagnose things that may be wrong inside the body.

Job Description

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technicians, or MRI Technicians, are trained on the proper use and maintenance of MRI machines. An MRI machine produces a medical image to help doctors and other medical professionals see internal structures of the body. MRIs are very useful in the areas of cardiovascular, neurological and oncological medicine.

Daily Duties

The main duty of an MRI Technician is to administer MRI tests for diagnostic purposes. These images are used in medical practice to diagnose and treat patients. In addition to performing MRI tests, these technicians will also work to prepare a patient for such tests. This may include basic instructions on what to expect, removal of anything that may hinder test results or even moving patients who are unable to maneuver themselves. These medical professionals will also maintain patient records and equipment. Depending on their level of training, MRI technicians may even be charged with managing a radiology department or providing maintenance service to machines when they are not functioning properly.

Work Setting

Most MRI Technicians work in hospitals, while others work in clinics and diagnostic imaging centers. MRI Technicians have daily contact with patients, doctors and other medical staff. They are often on their feet for long hours and may have to lift and maneuver injured patients. For a full-time professional, 40 hours are typical, with weekend and on-call hours a possibility. Depending on the need, an MRI Technician may even visit a patient on location, such as at their home or medical care facility to perform these diagnostic tests.

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