What Does a Make Up Artist Do? - Video

Make Up Artists, also known as personal appearance workers, specialize in make up application. These professionals work with models, performers and everyday people who wish to present their best faces. Find out what you need to become a make-up artist here.

Education and Training

Unlike cosmetologists, Make Up Artists don't need to be licensed to practice their profession. However, it is very important for Make Up Artists to have the correct education and training before working in a professional capacity.

Make Up Artists must be familiar with every aspect of make up artistry. This includes knowing how to assess client features, such as coloring, skin type and face shape, and knowing how to best apply makeup to the body and face. Make Up Artists who specialize in character make up or make up for print photography must also know how to apply makeup in ways that show up properly on the screen, on the stage or in photos.

There are a number of different schools that provide formal Make Up Artist training on campus and online, usually in the form of an Associate's Degree Program. On the job training and internships may also be available through various companies like Mary Kay and Avon. There are a lot of working Make Up Artists who also learned the trade from other more experienced artists or self study.

Other Necessities

Most Make Up Artists own their own make up kits, which typically include foundation, eye make up, blush and lip color. Make up application tools, such as brushes, sponges, combs, scissors and tweezers, are also a necessity. It is also vital for Make Up Artists to have portfolios of their work to show to potential clients and employers.

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