What Does a Physical Education (PE) Teacher Do? - Video

Physical Education Teachers, or Phys Ed Teachers as they are sometimes known, teach health and fitness courses in educational institutions. Many Phys Ed Teachers also work as coaches or athletic directors. Learn more about the job duties of a Physical Education Teacher here.

Day-to-Day Duties

Most Physical Education Teachers oversee classrooms of students who are studying athletics, fitness, health or nutrition. Specific responsibilities often include developing lesson plans, organizing indoor and outdoor educational activities, providing instruction and demonstrations, monitoring students and assessing student progress.

Some Physical Education Teachers choose to focus on a specific sport, such as aerobics, basketball, tennis or golf. These teachers often act as both a teacher and a coach to a group of students. Day-to-day duties frequently include scheduling and overseeing practice sessions, instructing students in sports strategy and preparing students to compete against other teams or athletes.

Work Environment

Physical Education Teachers can teach at the elementary (grade K-5) or secondary (grades 6-12) level. Jobs are also available at colleges, universities and other adult education centers. Most Physical Education Teachers teach multiple classes throughout the day. It is not unusual for teachers to oversee five or six classes on a daily basis. Teachers who work as coaches often have extended hours at night and on the weekend.

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