What Does a School Guidance Counselor Do? - Video

School Guidance Counselors work in school or classroom settings to provide counseling to students. They work with students in areas of academic achievement, career development and college admissions. School Guidance Counselors may work anywhere from elementary to postsecondary education.

Job Description

A School Guidance Counselor is someone who helps students throughout their education. This may include counseling in areas of academic achievement, career choices or personal and social development. These professionals work with students of all ages, from primary schools through college. It is the responsibility of a School Guidance Counselor to help students develop goals academically and evaluate strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes. School counselors at all levels also help students deal with personal, social and behavioral issues.

Daily Duties

School Guidance Counselors have many duties, some of which are specific to the age of their students. Elementary school counselors, for example, work closely with school administrators and parents in order to assess the needs and abilities of students. They do not perform as many career and goal-related assessments as a high school counselor would. High school counselors help students in areas of career development, elective class choices and college selection. School Guidance Counselors as a whole may perform a large list of duties, some of which include: counseling students with disciplinary issues, giving suggestions to teachers, helping students with academic planning and providing interpretation to a student's record.

Work Setting

School Guidance Counselors can be found working in a variety of school settings. These may include elementary schools, middle schools, junior highs, secondary schools or post secondary schools. They work directly with students and school administrators on a daily basis. This can be done individually or in a classroom setting. Most counselors utilize tools such as aptitude testing, interviews and counseling sessions to assess their students. They may also work closely with students who have special needs or development issues. It is typical for licensed School Guidance Counselors to have a master's degree. However that requirement varies between states.

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