What Does a Secretary Do? - Video

A Secretary works in an office setting, conducting the daily business operations. Duties may include answering phones, taking meeting minutes, scheduling meeting or opening mail. They are often seen as the face of an organization.

Job Description

Secretaries work in small and large office settings, supporting the daily operations of a business. Duties may range from answering phones and greeting clients to scheduling meeting and managing the database. There are different levels of secretarial positions. Some may work as an executive secretary, while others may receive additional training to become legal or medical secretaries. The latter two positions typically need specialized training in terminology and processes particular to the legal or medical field. Generally speaking, a Secretary may obtain his or her position with a high school diploma or an associate's degree from a trade school or two-year college.

Daily Duties

A Secretary may be known as the 'face of the organization.' They perform a variety of tasks throughout the day. Some of these tasks may include scheduling meetings or appointments, maintaining files, taking meeting minutes, sending e-mails, answering phones or arranging for guest travel arrangements. Secretaries use a variety of tools to perform their tasks throughout the day as well. They will frequently use photocopies, fax machines, computers and telephone systems. Secretaries may also be asked to perform additional duties such as research, database management or presentation creation.

Work Setting

Secretaries work in an office setting. They can be found in nearly every industry. Their work schedule is typically 40 hours, 5 days a week, although some Secretaries may only be needed on a part-time basis. Secretaries may support one person in the office or a group of members that are part of the executive staff. They will come in contact with a variety of people and personalities and as such, should have great communication skills.

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