What Does a Wilderness First Responder Do? - Video

A Wilderness First Responder is a type of emergency medical technician (EMT) that works in remote settings. These medical professionals deal with daily medical emergencies in wilderness settings. They can work with forest rangers, police and fire fighters and other first responders to deal with medical emergencies.

Job Description

Wilderness First Responders are responsible for aiding people in remote settings, such as mountain areas, forests or other natural surroundings. These responders are trained in emergency medical care techniques and operate as part of a team of wilderness medical professionals. It is a profession that demands double the training hours required of other typical first responders. In addition to being knowledgeable in the use of medical equipment and resources, Wilderness First Responders are trained to improvise and use non-traditional resources that may be the only available option when providing medical assistance in a remote setting.

Daily Duties

Most Wilderness First Responders are trained to deal with a multitude of situations that could occur in a remote setting. Basic duties require assessing emergency situations, utilizing medical resources, stabilizing victims and thinking of the best way to transport patients in order to receive additional medical treatment.

Wilderness First Responders react to situations such as car accidents, childbirth, heart attacks, animal attacks or general slips and falls. They are trained in areas of medical aid such as head and spinal injuries, fractures, sprains, gunshot wounds, infectious disease, trauma and basic life support.

Work Setting

Wilderness First Responders will work in a variety of climates and settings, indoors and out, no matter the weather condition. They may encounter irregular work hours and may be needed to perform physical tasks such as maneuvering around remote areas and carrying or lifting people in distress. They may work alone or in conjunction with forest rangers, police, fire fighters and other first responders to deal with medical emergencies. Generally, they function at the site of the incident, whether it be in the woods or at the top of a mountain, transporting the individual in need when necessary.

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