What Does an Architectural Draftsman Do? - Video

Architectural draftsman work across multiple industries, some of which include: government, building construction and non-building construction. Alternative titles for this position include architectural drafter, building drafter, drafting officer, architectural technician or draftsperson.

Job Description

Architectural draftsmen work closely with or in the construction industry to provide designs, sketches, plans and analysis of design projects. Projects can range from simple building design to road structures, drainage systems and multi-complex communities. These professionals come up with a visual guideline to teach others how to build a particular structure. They are trained in appropriate computer-aided drafting design (CADD) techniques and programs so that they can analyze designs, prepare sketches and provide detailed drawings and documentation for projects.

Daily Duties

A large portion of an architectural draftsman's time is spent preparing architectural drawings and blueprints. This includes tasks like depicting building and element elevations, selecting building materials and including plumbing, drainage and landscaping elements into the sketch. Typically, this work is done using pertinent CADD programs. However, it is important for these professionals to understand the manual concepts and theories of the work as well. Draftsmen will also calculate processes such as material quantities, cost of labor and project timelines and deadlines.

Work Setting

Architectural drafters are found in several different industries, some of which include government administration, commercial and non-commercial construction, and technical services. They may work closely with government officials in order to stay knowledgeable of building codes, laws and regulations. These regulations must always be taken into consideration when putting together any construction sketch or blueprint. The bulk of a drafter's work will be done indoors, either on drafting tables or computers. They may also spend time outdoors inspecting construction sites and projects when needed. Job site work may include assisting architects and other workers to ensure the specific specifications and plans are followed. Architectural drafters also work closely with clients. This can be a business-to-business project or a consumer project. They provide client briefs, work with clients for approval on projects, and prepare project specifications according to their clients' needs.

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