What Does an Emergency Medical Dispatcher Do? - Video

An Emergency Medical Dispatcher (EMD) gathers relevant information related to medical emergencies and gives instructions to the proper medical or emergency personnel. Learn more about working as an Emergency Medical Dispatcher here.

Job Description

Emergency Medical Dispatchers (EMDs) take emergency calls by telephone. When a call comes in, they determine the emergency and seriousness of the situation by asking appropriate questions. The EMD will then dispatch the appropriate type of emergency personnel and decide how many unites are needed. The Emergency Medical Dispatcher will also stay on the line with the caller to provide support and immediate first-aid instructions. Most of the tracking for these types of calls is done electronically through computer dispatch systems, but EMDs may be required to hand track each incident.

Work Setting

EMD's usually work in a centralized emergency call center or directly within a first-responder unit such as a police station or fire station. Depending on the number of calls received each day, an EMD may spend most, if not all, of his or her work day on the telephone. Because emergencies can happen any time, EMDs will typically work an assigned shift--morning, afternoon or overnights. Because of the nature of many calls, these professionals will be trained to calm those on the other end of the line and be patient with them as they wait for help to arrive.

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