What Does an Executive Assistant Do? - Video

An Executive Assistant, sometimes called a personal assistant, performs administrative roles in an office setting. An EA works for members of an organization's executive staff.

Job Description

Executive Assistants are often seen as the face of an organization. They work to support the executive staff of a business in areas of correspondence, communication and project management. An EA differs slightly from an administrative assistant or secretary in that they have additional responsibilities and higher levels of tasks to perform. Executive Assistants may even represent the executive they support in a meeting or other communications.

Daily Duties

An Executive Assistant provides high-level support for those in an organization's executive level. Though they may still have a variety of clerical-type tasks, duties performed are based mostly on communication and information management. They may arrange for conference calls and meetings, draft letters and other communication pieces and review reports and memos. EAs may also have supervisory duties of other administrative assistants or secretaries. They are the 'right hand' of the person they support, handling everything from personal schedules to executive board meetings. They can also be seen as the gatekeeper of the schedule, determining which meetings are the best use of time for the person they support.

Work Setting

Executive Assistants work in an office setting. They can be found across all industries including schools, nonprofits, corporate organizations, hospitals and government agencies. They will often sit for long periods of time and may spend much of their day at a computer or on the phone. The majority of Executive Assistants work full-time, 40-hours a week.

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